ENCHANTED LAVENDER "GREW UP'  in Albuquerque, New Mexico.    We planted our first plants in 1992.    As we added more and more, we began selling at the local Farmer's Markets.    We spent many years getting up way too early on Saturdays and Sundays in order to sell at Farmers Markets, but once we got there we enjoyed the day, the coffee and the people.  We created a Lavender Fiesta which we held for five years in Corrales, New Mexico.    It was a tremendous success, but also a tremendous effort...  During that time and subsequent years, we had the time to create some wonderful products and develop our customer base.   Enchanted Lavender has participated in numerous Art and Craft events both in New Mexico and out of state.    We have enjoyed the many people we have met along the way and have been very proud of our wonderful field.    Our website was created  almost 14 years ago and it has proved to be a great way for people to find out what is happening at Enchanted Lavender.

Ellis,  a Chemist by education , recently retired from his job at Sandia Laboratories .  It has been handy to have a Chemist in the family to help create soaps, candles lotions and potions.    Louise made use of her Master Gardeners experience in bringing up the babies and researching her interests in essentials oils and herbs.    We aim high for our products.   We use organic whenever possible and strive to use quality ingredients for all of our product line.    Essential oils are plant derived and are  a must for scenting our products.    We will not use chemically produced ingredients.   

   We got cold and decided to move to the warm desert around Phoenix Az.  in 2011.     Have thoroughly enjoyed the weather but have missed our friends in New Mexico.    Our lavender field is history, but we will continue making our products.      Obviously when you have been in the lavender community as long as we have, you know where to find the "good stuff".    Phoenix area is a bit toasty for growing our beloved lavender.    Louise is going to baby a small patch of lavenders because its hard to part with her friend, the plant.     We will remain dedicated, as always, to producing small volumes of quality handmade products using this very versatile herb named lavender.    

Land softly and we hope to have you visit us often at our website or events.    Ellis and Louise

Louise and Ellis Errett of Enchanted Lavender

Enchanted Lavender
Ellis and Louise Errett

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